David and Avis Barnes – Selected Items

Roberts Wesleyan College

Beacon article 4 16 04

1976-2004 CL speaker list

Chapel Talk

My World View as a Christian Biologist GED 401 9 28 2000

Natural and Supernatural Law Chapel Address Spring 1987

Ward and the Wider World, RWC Beacon Article 4 16 2004

Evolutionary Creationism Scientific and Biblical Perspectives Greenville U. 9 10 2019

Science and Christian Faith Symposium Memorandum

2011 Barnes Symposium Interview


Vitae with Russian Focus

Russian MedicalC Missions: Breadth and Depth

Health, Ethics, and Religion: Perceptions of Russian and American Medical Personnel

Medical Ministry Contacts

Protestants in the Former Soviet Union: What Survey Findings Reveal


Powerpoint of Along Side Asia Vision Trip February 6-28, 2011

Proposed Development of and Indian Authored and Focused Evangelical Christian Comprehensive Website

Pearce Memorial Church- Thoughts

Great Commission Leadership Team Planning Document

Pearce Church and Rochester Area Evangelical Parachurch Ministries

Pearce Memorial Summer Ministry Program

Pearce Mission Summer-long Program for High School-College Students

Development of a Mini-Bookstore with a clear mission focus


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